Fishing Tales from Corbett

Those who have had the opportunity of reading Jim Corbett’s “Man Eaters of Kumaon” know that the amazing accounts of his fearless adventures in the Kumaon hills wasn’t exactly confined to the tigers of the hills. His fishing holidays around the verdant valley tells us many stories of thrilling experiences. Corbett’s addiction behind fishing came with the satisfaction of cooking up a hard-earned mill in the open wilderness.  But, catching a giant Mahseer in a Kumaon river according to him didn’t make him overlook the beauty of the forests. He was indeed the man of the forest. So, following his trails, we traced back a fishing expedition near the Corbett National park. Needless to mention, named after this legendary hunter and conservationist, the Corbett National Park is one of the oldest national parks in the country and is one of the most favored eco-friendly destinations in the world.

After setting foot at Corbett, we couldn’t help but marvel at the breath taking surroundings and a jeep safari wasn’t just enough for we Faustian souls. Jim Corbett Park is not always about tigers and the jungles have many facets to its charm. Fishing in the river is just a part of it. Thus, the fishing trip happened and the excitement of a possible encounter with a Masheer inspired us for an early morning trip to the rivers.  Who doesn’t want to go fishing in a serene river and smell the sweet scent of the jungles floating in the air on a spring day? People from all over the world flock in here for a memorable angling experience even if many of them are vegetarians. After all, what’s the harm in a date with the river for a change?  Besides, we learnt that sustainable angling is rather a beneficial conservation activity and fishing is only allowed when the big Masheers completes a breeding cycle.

But, overall, it was our patience exercise tool because, fishing is a tricky business and the joy of your success can actually make you set the fish free in the waters again! Our fishing in corbett happened on a cloudy day and our patience almost burnt out while waiting for a fish but those who didn’t opt for it had a quite fun time on the banks. Taking a solitary walk in the woods around can actually make a poet of you. We never knew who took this seriously, but almost every face looked content. Finding happiness in the Corbett woods wasn’t that tough after all. A customized angling trip made our trip to the Kumaon hills a very memorable one. A fraction of our busy life spent in solitude and sheer idleness served a perfect antidote to our stressed out souls from the city.

However, it wasn’t our intention to get spoiled in the wilderness. All we wanted was some recreation but a camping mattress under a tree near the river just spoiled us. Too tempted to rest our souls underneath the blue sky, we gave in and the rest as they say is memory carefully tucked in our hearts. A pampered soul remembers the goodness in a better way! What say?


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