Wildlife at Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett Tiger
Corbett Tiger

Needless to mention, this particular stretch of land holds a special place in Indian green belt and is one of the world’s most eco-friendly destinations. Known to the world as Jim Corbett National Park, this place is the refuge of a large wildlife index. Because of the fact that India’s most ambitious wildlife conservation initiative was kicked off from this oldest national park in the country it is probably the most celebrated wildlife reserve in the country. Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand, this park was once established as Hailey National Park in the year 1936.

Breath taking Himalayan topography around the park makes it a favorite destination of nature lovers and this amalgamation of lofty mountains, green meadows and gushing rivers covering an area of total 522 kilometers is in itself a wonder. Since, the park ensures a safe and sound habitat for the existing wildlife inside, it is a heaven for the record number of Indian flora and fauna. The wildlife crown at Corbett National Park comprises of about 50 mammal species, 580 bird species, 25 reptile species and 110 tree species. But, it has always been an abode of the tigers. The star of the jungles, a Royal Bengal tiger is a visual treat to wildlife lovers. Thanks to the wildlife conservation initiative called Project Tigers, the park is home to the largest number of tigers in the country. However, a tiger spotting at Corbett is a difficult task which requires both patience and good luck. A ruffle behind the green bushes and there you spot the most enchanting creation which combines both beauty and horror in a perfect way.

Jim Corbett National Park is also popular among wildlife enthusiasts for numbers of other ‘wild’ reasons which goes on like- Elephants, Leopards, Himalayan Black Bears, Hedgehogs, Flying Foxes and Indian pangolins. Sloth Bear, Jungle Cat, Fishing Cat, Himalayan Black Bear, Dole or Wild Dog, Jackal, Himalayan Palm Civet, Indian Gray Mongoose, Common Otter, Goat Antelopes, Languor’s, Indian Gray Mongoose and fish-eating Crocodiles. Thus, Corbett has much more to its charm than the tigers. A jeep safari in Corbett or an elephant safari in Corbett provides a good opportunity to have an eye contact with this amazing assortment of god’s best creations. Apart from this, a rich avian population of about 600 bird species in Corbett National Park adorns the place and makes bird spotting a unique experience.

A flock of migratory birds flying in to the Corbett sky at dusk is a sight to behold and the green jungle gradually disappearing into a thick blanket of darkness is not a sight but a phenomenon at this wonderland. Holding one’s breath for a second and trying to listen to the music of the jungles reminds only one thing-if anything on this earth is ever pure than it has to be the nature. The cacophony of the wildlife around itself transforms into sweet Jazz to the ears and one’s soul leaps into a dance in the wilderness.

And if these are not enough sweet sounding reasons to lure you into these greens, then may be you have forgotten how to celebrate life and its simple offerings. Wouldn’t it be a nice to let Corbett break that monotony? Let the nature once again be a cure to your stonned soul simply at Corbett. You just need to land up here leaving the rest of the things happen on its own. This is how nature operates.


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