Top 5 Tourist Places in Uttarakhand to Visit in This Summer

The cool climate of a hill station is undoubtedly the best option to beat away summer blues. A hill station for that matter becomes the heaven to laze away a humid summer week or two. And what do we do when there are plenty of such worth exploring hill stations? We dig out the best of the best to spend a few special days of bliss. Although, every hill station has its own charm to attract different minded people different ways, some special destinations always feature in the ‘must visit hill stations list’. For example, Uttarakhand being blessed with lofty mountains and a great healing climate is itself a world to explore. So blessed is the land that every step you take in Uttarakhand brings pleasant surprises. However, to make it easier for you, we just found out top 5 destinations in Uttarakhand that can actually blow your summer difficulties and your mind too.

Nainital Lake

1. Nainital Tourism- Located in Kumaon foothills Nainital best represents the Himalayan charm and is often considered as the most is picturesque hill stations in Uttarakhand. Blessed with a breath taking view of the high mountains and as many as 60 lakes, Nainital is the abode of the lakes with emerald settings. Named after the great Naini Lake in the area, this small town is easily accessible from the capital city of Delhi. The British colonial architecture in the town doubles its appeal and hence Nainital receives the highest footfall in the state. Also popular for adventure and recreational activities, Nainital is the starting point of an amazing journey in to Uttarakhand, the land of god.

Mussoorie City2. Mussoorie Tourism– A pleasant climate and the green woods strewn across the high-and-lows of the mountains make Mussoorie another important hill station in Uttarakhand. Miles away from the nauseating summer in the plains, Mussoorie serves the perfect summer retreat. Located in the Garhwal hills and blessed by the abundance of many natural charms like waterfalls and wild streams, Mussoorie is considered as Nainital’s best cousin to hang out. The modern architecture quite in contrast with the wild setting is the actual call of this place.

Rishikesh3. Rishikesh- Apart from the religious connection, Rishikesh often stands out as an ideal summer gate away. Often covered as a part of the pilgrimage circuit covering Haridwar and Mukteswar, two other significant places, Rishikesh offers a great proximity to the holy Ganges. If the wild force of the water doesn’t scare you and you love taming the unstoppable then Rishikesh should be your call this summer. River rafting sessions and beach volleyball near the campsites by the Ganges are the most favorite activity of the visitors at Rishikesh. A moonlit bed of sand by the river as illumined as the moon makes a perfect escapade from the summer in the cities.

Almora Hill Station4. Almora Hill Station- During winter season, the place is deep covered in snow and in summer this is an ideal location to trace the remnants of the snow in mountain curves. Often visited by nature lovers who love solitary walk by the woods in cool summer afternoons, Almora is renowned for its healing climate. The solitude of the place at times casts off a melancholic spell but those who seek tranquility prefer it to Nainital which is always crowded with visitors. Some rugged forts, tranquil temples and picturesque valleys compose the lyrical side of Almora.

Ranikhet Golf Ground5. Ranikhet- The virgin hills of the quaint Almora stretches into Ranikhet as well. A well maintained cantonment area oozes an old world charm around the area and the small town in the vicinity looks like a picture perfect setting. The panoramic vistas of the Himalayan ranges only increases the appeal to a great extent. A visit to Ranikhet in summer can surely beat away summer stress and the words like green meadows, snowy hills, gushing rivers and crystal clear sky no longer seem like fairytale phrases.


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