Nainital Hill Station- The Lake City

If a hill station is the perfect antidote to summer blues than Nainital Hill Station stands best among the other famous destinations. Because of its close proximity to the national capital, Nainital has emerged as a much sought after summer retreat over the years. Sneak out of the city and you will find Nainital nestled in the Himalayan wilderness to sooth your senses. Innumerable tourists and the green hills alongside the famous Naini Lake is an ideal summer time sight to behold. Besides this, the colonial charm of this small town is an equally enchanting experience.

Nainital Hill Station
Nainital Hill Station`

Dotted with British style cottages, villas and bungalows, Nainital is a pleasant town situated at an altitude of 1,938 meters. There is small temple dedicated to the goddess Naina after whom the lake and the town got its name. Once loved by the British officers as an ideal summer destination, Nainital today attracts people from all spheres of life. From high end resorts to budget hotels-Nainital accommodates all.

The famous Nainital Lake in the town is also referred to as the Tririshi Lake and a tranquil boat ride in the lake is Nainital’s best rejuvenation secret. Nainital Boat Club also offers best yachting arrangements and the annual Kingfisher Yachting Competition in the third week of June is a huge crowd puller at Nainital. But, Nainital is not always about the lake. For example, you can’t miss a majestic presence of the Naina Peak-snow capped and guarding over the valley. A sunset by the Hanumangarhi temple is equally beautiful. And talk about the British raj and you just can’t miss the churches and their architecture. The St. John Church is one of the most visited spots as well. Similarly, well maintained British Cemeteries are a nice way of tracing the old world charm at Nainital. There are innumerable lakes and picnic spots at a reachable distance from Nainital and each one of them are laced with nature’s best offerings.

Although, the ideal thing to do while at Nainital is just to laze around, one might like to check out the renowned Hand loom products and Kumaon woolen items in the town shops. Candles in different shapes and aromas are a hot buy for tourists.

The nearest airport at Pant Nagar is just 71 km away from Nainital and the Kathgodam Railway Station is only 35 km from Nainital. Nainital is also connected through all the road services from Delhi and other cities in Uttarakhand.

Nainital Lake
Nainital Lake

The best time to visit Nainital is definitely the summer months.  But, the place retains its cool climate all through the year. The winter months are often preferred by visitors who want to witness the Kumaon Festival organized by the state tourism department.

Beyond its healing prowess and the rejuvenation options, Nainital has a wild streak to it persona. Adventure sport junkies to nature lovers, all swear by Nainital’s countless offerings. For example paragliding and mountain hiking are some of the best explored indulgences in the valley.


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