Safari in Corbett – The best way to explore wildlife and Nature

Elephants in Corbett National Park
Elephants in Corbett National Park

Everybody knows that Jim Corbett National Park is the biggest National Park in India. It spreads around to explore its wildlife and nature. There is always a question in the visitors mind that why wildlife safari is compulsory to visit the park and can we take jungle trekking to visit the park and the answer is no. The Corbett Tiger Reserve is very strict about its rule; visitors are not allowed to take jungle trekking inside the tiger reserve area. The park is surrounded by very dense forest and full of various dangerous wild animals. To avoid any kind of tragedy they permit to visit park only with wildlife safari.

About Wildlife Safari in Corbett

Corbett Tiger Reserve arrange three types of safaris i.e. jeep safari, elephant safari and canter safari. All safari permits are issued at CTR Ramnagar reception counter.  Every visitor has to give the identity details, number of person’s information and permit fees. After that they can hire their safari mode and go inside the jungle.

Jeep Safari in Corbett Park
Jeep Safari in Corbett Park

Jeep Safari:   Jeep safari in Corbett is the most demanding safari mode. An open jeep takes you inside the forest. Maximum six persons are allowed once per jeep. One wildlife tour guide will be with you during the tour. He provides you all possible information inside the forest and helps you to know the animals call and their movement.

Elephant Safari: Elephant safari can be enjoyed over the back of elephant. At a time four visitors are allowed to ride on one elephant.  Elephant safari is more adventurous than jeep because it takes you into more deep areas of the forest where with jeep safari in not possible to go.

Canter Safari:  Canter is an open bus; maximum eighteen visitors can sit once inside a canter.  Canter safari is allowed on sharing basis for safari. It is the best way to visit Dhikala forest zone.

Safari Zones of Corbett Park:

Jim Corbett Park is divided in main 4 zones for well management and safari. All zones are handled by separate gates. The main safari zone of Corbett and their gate are as follow:

Dhikala Zone:  Dhangari Gate

Bijrani Zone:  Aam Danda Gate

Jhirna Zone: Kalagarh Gate

Durgadevi Zone: Domunda Gate

Planning and Choosing the Best Timing:

June to November is the ideal time to enjoy full wildlife safari and explore its rich flora and fauna. Timing for safari i.e. morning and evening are scheduled by Corbett Tiger Reserve.

There are limited numbers of permits for safari, so anyone who wants to enjoy wildlife safari at Corbett has to plan their tour before reaching at there and book the safari permits in advance.


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