Dhikala Forest Zone – Best Area for Fascinating Tiger Safari in India


Dhikala Forest Zone the most wanted site in Corbett National Park because of its biggest safari area, dense forest and home of different kind of flora and fauna. Dhangarhi is the main entrance gate for Dhikala zone. It is 18kms far from the Ramnagar.  Forest Department checks all the permits at the entrance gate.  A small museum and souvenir shop is also there. After entering the gate the breathtaking wild area is waiting for you to enjoy the hilarious wildlife experience.

Forest Lodges of Dhikala Zone:

Corbett Tiger Reserve has forest lodges in different places of Dhikala zone. Visitors stay there and enjoy their wildlife safari. Famous Forest Lodges are:

Dhikala Forest Lodge:

The most demanding forest lodge of Dhikala zone is, Dhikala Forest Lodge. It is 32kms far from the main entrance gate. This forest lodge is located at Patli Doon valley, at the edge of Ramganga River. Dhikala forest lodge has the maximum capacity of rooms. There are total 22 rooms and 24 bedded dormitories are available for accommodation and a well organise canteen by KMVN for having food. The lodge is covered by solar electricity fencing for the safety of tourists.

Gairal Forest Lodge:

Gairal is the second most staying place at Dhikala zone. It is also located at the bank of river Ramganga. There are only eight rooms and one eight bedded dormitory. KMVN canteen is also available at there.  Solar fencing also makes this rest house very safe.

Sarp Duli Forest Lodge:

At Sarp Duli, only 2 rooms and 1 four bedded dormitory is available. This is the most peaceful place of Dhikala. Canteen facility is not available at this rest house so tourists must take their belongings and food arrangements with them during the stay.

Sultan Forest Lodge: 

Sultan is the first forest lodge which comes, after entering the Dhangari gate. There are only two rooms to accommodate. To stay at this forest lodge may little bit risky because there is not any electricity fencing around the forest lodge.

Safari Area of Dhikala Zone:

Dhikala is the most favourite place of tourists because of its various adventurous safari routes. Visitors can enjoy wildlife safari with open jeep and elephant both. Main safari routes are Dhikala Grass land, Sambhar Road, Ram Singh Road, Thandi Sadak, Mota Sal. There are various water holes in every area where one can get the great opportunity to see the majestic tiger. There are two watch towers from where tourists can keep their eyes in every movement of the wild animals. The crocodile point at the high bank area is famous for watching the Crocodiles and Ghariyals.

Dhikala was the main hunting zone of Corbett National Park before making the tiger reserve. Now tourists can hunt the animals only with their cameras. Dhikala zone opens mid November to mid June and every wildlife enthusiast wants to visit Corbett – Dhikala once. Because there are very limited accommodation facilities, so it is advisable to make their bookings in advance. You can found various Dhikala Tour Packages through internet.


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