Up Close With Nature at Corbett National Park

Elephants in Corbett
Elephants in Corbett

Rejuvenation is a state of mind when you get rid of stress and fatigue through different relaxation techniques. It can be a holiday in a serene place, a simple massage or reading your favorite author- any special thing that relaxes your nerves is a rejuvenation exercise. However, a holiday, being the most popular technique with stressed out city birds, always scores the highest points for relaxation.  Getting away from our routine life into the wild or a closer distance to nature can actually help our stressed nerves and spending some time with family or alone in such serene environments can actually encourage us to celebrate life’s simple joys. Thus, when it comes to nature, what can be a better place than a wild life sanctuary to feel the pulse of nature? Luckily, India is a naturally rich topography with diverse regions of many wild life wonders. If you count all the accessible wildlife zones in the country, a few places always top the list and the Jim Corbett National Park is one of them.

Named after the hunter and conservationist Jim Corbett, this park is the oldest national park in the country. Situated in Nainital district of the beautiful state of Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park is famous for being a protected zone for the critically endangered Royal Bengal tiger of India. Thanks to the initiative taken by the park authorities. The conservation project at Corbett is known as Project Tiger which makes a trip to this park even more special.  No wonder, the park is considered one of the safest and most visited ecotourism destinations in India, Corbett has been a haunt for tourists and nature lovers from all over the world. However, tourism activity is only allowed in selected areas inside the park. Splendid landscapes, suitable accommodation facilities and adventure sports options in the park, thus, make it an ideal location for seeking relaxation. Not to mention, the diverse wildlife to keep people hooked.

Safari in Corbett
Safari in Corbett

What makes this park unique is the combination of hills, marshes, grass lands and lakes-an exotic canvas for nature spotting. Moreover, the ideal climatic conditions make it accessible all round year. So, from wildlife safaris to fishing in the nearby rivers- a visit to Corbett National Park ensures a complete rejuvenation package. And, most importantly, the line between the human existence and the nature has been drawn clearly at Corbett where accommodation facilities are located at a reasonable distance from the wild habitats.

Apart from the options of bird watching, elephant safari, jeep safari, there are other options available too. These include, camping near the park to rappelling. However, nothing beats the joy of locating a special tiger in an early morning safari. The best time to visit the park is during the winter months when the sun is less harsh and the animals love to come out of their shades to enjoy the winter noon.

This most popular zone inside the park is situated at the fringes of Patli Dun valley. An old rest house in the area only adds to the charm.  Otherwise, the spectacular view of the valley keeps people engaged. Owing to the demands, there is no dearth of accommodation facilities around Corbett. Combined packages are also available which are well suited for different requirements go the visitors. Hence, a few days in the lap of nature can be really therapeutic as the cacophony of the jungles is barely called noises.


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