Badrinath temple closes for winter season

Badrinath TempleThe portals of Badrinath temple were closed to the public for the winter season with ceremonial prayers on Thursday afternoon. As decided earlier, the doors of the shrine were closed to the public for six months at 3.46 pm which also marked the end of the Char Dham Yatra season.The portals of Badrinath were closed amid vedic chants. Before the closing of doors the chief priest of the temple, Rawal installed Goddess Lakshmi with Lord Vishnu in the sanctum sanctorum for a period of six months.

The idol of Lord Badrinath was covered in a woollen blanket woven by the unmarried girls of Mana village. After the closure of the temple gates, Uddhav and Kuber are taken in their palanquins to the Yogdhyan temple at Pandukeshwar where they are worshipped for the six months of winter. The seat of Adi Shankaracharya is kept in the Narsingh temple

at Joshimath. It is believed that Lord Badrinath is worshipped by humans for six months and by deities during the six months of winter. The Army band played tunes while the portals of the shrine were closed. Badri Kedar Temple Committee chairman AP Bhatt said that a total of 9.83 lakh people visited Badrinath this year which resulted in an income of `10.5 crore for the temple committee.

News Source: Dailypioneer


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