River Rafting and Camping in Rishikesh will open from October

September 12, 2012, Rishikesh – River rafting and camping in Rishikesh will open from October 1st weak. Every Year during the time of monsoon rafting closes in Rishikesh because of heavy rain and water over flow in Ganga. October is the ideal time for water rafting.

Mahiraj Singh is the owner of http://riverrafting-rishikesh.com here said that monsoon season now over and the level of Ganga River has lowered, this is the right time to start rafting. During this time tourist can enjoy Pilgrim tour, camping and other adventures activities at Rishikesh.

In Rishikesh various types of camps are there like Beach camp, Luxury camp and jungle camp. The beach camps are quite near to Ganges. In beach camp you can enjoy beach volleyball, fresh air, and natural borne richness and can swim in the fresh water. The beach camp in Rishikesh is a celestial paradise. Luxurious camping in Rishikesh is the first choice for the tourists who want to spend time really cool and comfortable. Jungle camps offer adventure seeker to enjoy bird watching, playing indoor and outdoor games and enjoy born fire.

The river rafting in Rishikesh includes grade four rapids and totaling a maximum of 13 exciting rapids. At the time of rafting you can enjoy activity like cliff jumps, body surfing.

There are lots of adventure activities which tourists can attract into completely besides the white water rafting. Rock climbing and bungee jumping are some of the activities which give actual and nature’s taste to the visitors. Jungle iteration, bird watching and wild life photography and other activities which are the visitor’s enchantment at the time of visit Rishikesh.

The tourists can also undertake yoga lessons as the part of their stay in the Rishikesh. There are several famous yoga lessons offered by trained yoga instructors in Rishikesh and tourists can enjoy the yoga teachings in a completely serene environment.

October is the time when the temperature and the weather condition are good for planning visit at Rishikesh. In this time the monsoon are over and the level of Ganga is average.

To know more about Rishikesh Rafting and Camping Please visit the URL  http://riverrafting-rishikesh.com


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