At Corbett’s Corner – Exoctic Glory of Corbett National Park

The train gradually slowed down and stopped amidst a thick blanket of fog. But, when we adjusted our iris to the atmosphere; a small railway station welcomed us.Train in Fog The chill out side was mild and somehow pleasant. The yellow board at the station said- Ramnagar. Our destination was Jim Corbett National Park but, Ramnagar was the nearest railway station to get there.  So, sipping tea at the station was the only option as we waited to be transported to this legendary wild life habitat in the country. Ramnagar, located at the foothills of the Himalayas on the bank of river Kosi looked like a small town-serene and well maintained. Often considered as the gateway to the Kumaon hills, Ramnagar lead us to a world of green hills, sloppy terrains and dark jungles just 51 kilometers away.  And speaking of the jungles, we were excited to be a part of 3 days exciting tour in and around the park.Early morning in Corbett National park Considered as one of the oldest National Parks in India, it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Some come here to admire the jungles while so come here just to de-stress. But, when they go back they utter the same word-amazing.

Elephant Safari in CorbettWe were already mesmerized by the innumerable tales from those who have already been there.  Apart from the Royal Bengal Tigers, the luminaries of the Kumaon jungles we wanted to witness the great tales of ‘senses-coming-alive in Corbett’ stories.  An elephant safari as well as a fishing expedition not only sounded fun but also the best option to unwind at the wild.

With a well maintained cottage providing every humanely desirable facility, we never missed the comfort of our homes and we never realized that we were camping at the doorway of a jungle. The array of accommodations outside the park reinstated how important it is to respect the wildlife habitats and we couldn’t help but love this distance between the jungles and the human beings.  This is how the man who inspired its naming wanted it to be. Probably, this is why the world knows Jim Corbett more as a conservationist and not as a hunter. Tiger at Corbett ParkIt is true that he was a hunter and that too of tigers but the killing was never meant for fun. Thus, the fun part at Corbett is strictly restricted to animal spotting only.  Thanks to the conservation project initiated by the park that went on to win accolades around the glob, today the park boasts of a stable number of Royal Bengal Tigers.  But, the amazing world of Corbett is not restricted to only tiger spotting. An elephant safari or a jeep safari across the park gives a real insight into the bio-diversity existing inside the park. Although the core areas of the park are confined to the residing wildlife only, the periphery of the park itself is a wonder to the beholders.Komoun Jungles

Lucky we were to behold their world in its purest form. The morning dew coagulating on the green leaves, a deer feeding his faun and the king of the jungle taking a sun bath-we don’t need to further describe what we saw! Never did we envisage the charm of a jungle to be so enchanting.  May be the morning freshness heightened our satisfaction with the greens but when it comes to appreciating it we shall never refrain from saying our best lines. The rest of the trip including our angling trysts and the ideal bird spotting tower was exciting too.  We tried some rock climbing and rappelling too. No, we aren’t the sort of adventure junkies but going wild at the Corbett was the best excuse to match the pace. Remember the phrase? When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

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One thought on “At Corbett’s Corner – Exoctic Glory of Corbett National Park

  1. hi it’s nice..i went there last 31st dec. with my friends. we enjoy jungle safari there. nice jim corbett national park and i show 3 tigers in different place’s which was amazing.

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