A Trip of Camping with Rafting in Rishikesh

It was my 2nd summer holiday tour of Rishikesh with my collage friends. River Rafting and Camping was the most important part of my tour. My all friends loved adventure activity only then we decided to enjoy this weekend tour should be full adventure. Rafting and camping was best option to enjoy full adventure.

There are lots of adventures sites managing camping and rafting trip of Rishikesh, but finally we found camping in Rishikesh and booking of our camping and rafting tour package . It was 1night / 2 day tour. They were very happy to accommodate us there camping and rafting and also provide us tempoo traveler. We left hostel Friday night 12 O’clock and reached there early morning at 6:30AM.

After a small trek down we reached bank of river, to reach at camp we have to cross river. One rafting came and pick up us to our camp. We stay on “Cross fire”-silver sand beach camps at marin drive. Camp was located at bank of river with a big silver sand beach and other side a big forest.

Beach Camping in rishikesh
Beach Camping in rishikesh

We got our camp/tent, which was a safari tent green color, 3 beds in a tent. We were excited to see this amazing place –every thing was there as we want like- nature beach, hills, river, and frost. Half an hour take a rest after that played beach volley ball and photography. Our hot breakfast was ready till 10 O’clock. After breakfast we enjoyed water games near beach like kayaking, body surfing and swimming.

Our hot lunch was ready, after lunch we was ready for rafting from marin drive to neam beach (24 kms). We were in a raft and our guide tech us all rafting tips. All forward, back, left, right, hold the rope and how to lock food on the raft etc. we start paddling on the commend of guide and our raft was going to welcome all rapids. Ganga River offers grade 5+ rapids but we faced only grade rapids on the way. A first rapid was welcome rapids, three blind mice, Cross fire Golf course, Roller coaster and t-off etc. that was wonderful movement when our raft was hit the rapids and raft was going to flip…….!!. We enjoyed all rapids. On the way of rafting we enjoy cliff jump and body surfing also.

river rafting in rishikesh
river rafting in rishikesh

Neam beach was our last rafting point and our tempo traveler was waiting for us, to return at camp. We enjoyed at evening time cocktail party with bone-fire, I don’t know what the time when we were taking dinner. Early in the morning we get up and play the beach camps game. Camps offers kayaking, rock climbing, repelling, body surfing, rafting, beach volley ball and many more. After breakfast we return to hostel.

It was wonderful tour of my life. We enjoy each and every movement camping and rafting. If you are looking for a trip of camping and rafting, Rishikesh is the best option for that.


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