You Never Feel Like This- Luxury Camping with Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

We reached Bungee Jumping point in Rishikesh an hour late. After some formalities in their office, we all friends moved to Bungee Jumping platform but in peak point only two people can stand only then rohit my friend want to there and we all wait for our turn. He was ready for jump and my heart beat was running fast even I was excited for jump but………!!. Before jumping, guide cross checked all the locks 2 times each and then he asked to move slowly towards the edge of jumping platform.Bungee jumping

That time I forget everything and I just look at rohit face and he also look at me. Before jumping he murmuring to me but I was not hear that voice we are in distance. He close his eyes and jumped woooooooo…..he open his both hand and fly in the sky or just look that, hold on a rope…believe me he looked like crocked when he jumped but after a half mnt. He is enjoying it. His hand looks like a wings and he fly in the sky.

Now, my turn to jump and enjoy the bungee jumping. I was in platform of jumping and that was the time when I realized about what I am appropriating today. I was excited but somewhere or else I was afraid. Guides checked my lock 3 times and ask to move edge of jumping point.

I forget everything when I sow height of jumping 83mtr. Ooo my god it a big challenge for me really but I want to enjoy and it was a part of our plan. So finally I jumped and fly, when I was falling down I think it’s my last time but suddenly I stopped fall down 2ft from river and I am like owl because I was tied/hold by rope.    I really enjoy bungee jumping in Rishikesh it was my first and last experience of jumping in Rishikesh after that we never went there may this summer we plan for that adventure. After bungee jumping we return to our Luxury camp in Byasi (Rishikesh).Luxury Camp Majestic

Camping fun also a great fun near the camp site we stay in Luxury Jungle Camping “Camp Majestic”. First day after lunch we also enjoy river rafting from Marin drive 24kms also.  It was really amazing trip. Bungee jumping experience was really wonderful if you like for bungee jumping funs just try it and share your experience. It was really superb Experience with Majestic Team. We all thanks to Majestic Team to make such a great tour.


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