Lovely 2 Cubs with their family in Bijrani Zone- Corbett National park Unbelievable

Good news for all wildlife lovers, watching a family of tigers first day first safari in Bijrani zone. lovely 2 cubs with their family.

TigerThe Supreme Court allowed for tourism activities in tiger reserves areas, Corbett National Park (CNP) administration on Wednesday decided to re-open its famous Bijrani Zone for all wildlife lovers.
This is wildlife Zones along with other Zones like Dhikala and Jhirna which were (Dhikala) officially re-open after 15 November 2014, (closed due to rain). On Wednesday, around 250 wildlife lovers undertook the safari. Only 25-30 jeeps are allowed to conduct tours in one shift a day (60 jeeps in two shifts).

tigersHaving limited day trip in Bijrani zone. Jim Corbett National Park is spread across 521 sq km in Nainital, (Ramnagar) and Pauri districts, is home to Bengal tiger (is the major draw of the park) , 50 species of mammals, 580 bird species, 110 tree species, and 25 reptile species. Jim Corbett Park has been divided into four wildlife safari zones namely- Bijrani, Dhikala Zone, Jhirna Zone and Durga Devi.

“It’s awesome to meet king of Jungle along with first day first safari in Corbett. they really awesome and cute cubs with her mom. Previously we have seen a lot of animals in many parks and  zoo, but this is the first time we will see them in the open area on corbett national park. So, we are really very excited. For the first time we have come to the Corbett and we are enjoying a lot,” said – Arjun Singh, a tourist”.

Every year thousand of tourist visit corbett park enjoy there wildlife, Nature and adventure. hopefully these cubs attracts numbers of tourist in Bijrani zone.

sorry to say we have no real images of these family. this images take from Google.


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