Top 10 Wildlife Destinations in India

India is as always as rich in a genus of flora fauna and verdant grassland with its pristine beauty.  It is only the destination, where tourist will found the mix of species of different types of organisms. It is a real home to Bengal tigers, Indian lions, deer, wolves, pythons, bears, foxes, wild dogs, crocodiles, monkeys, antelope, snakes species and Asian elephant. There are more than 120 national parks, 43 tiger reserve and 500 Wildlife Sanctuary from all over the India. Lying with other 16 mega diverse countries India is a home of 7.6% of mammals, 6.2% of reptiles, 12.6% of avian and 6.0% of flowers. India has some of the most bio diverse regions of the world – that is the Western Ghats, the Easter Himalaya and Indo – Burma.

Wildlife tourism in India is increasing day by day even it’s become a most visited part of tourism in India. India is paradise for wildlife lovers, who want to relax in the lap of flora and enjoy the unmatchable wilderness and regions. Tourist will find here the best opportunity of jeep safari, elephant safari, sightseeing, fishing & angling and bird watching.

Wildlife destination in India is becoming more extensive and popular tourist destination to make your wildlife experience more rewarding. You have fulfilled by the all facilities and accommodation like hotels, resorts and lodges. It’s all done by the Wildlife Authority of India.

1. Jim Corbett NationalPark, Uttarakhand


Jim Corbett National Park is the Asia’s very first National Park and was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park. The park is rich in a verity of flora and fauna it contains 488 species of plant and diverse verity of fauna. Corbett is a real heaven for wildlife lovers where people get the opportunity to explore the beauty of picturesque grasslands. 520.8% km area of Corbett National Park is consist hills, river, marshy depression, lake and grassland. It is a home to 110 tree species, 50 species of mammals, 580 birds and 25 reptile species. 73% area of the park is covered with forest and the 10% area is covered with grassland.

Best Time to Visit:  November to June, and the best time for tiger sighting is March to May.

2. Bandhavgarh Natioanl Park, Madhya Pradesh


If you have a wish to spectacular vision of Royal Bengal Tiger, then must visit the wilderness of Bandhavgarh National Park. The park is located in the Umrai district of Madhya Pradesh and was established in 1968. Spread over the 105 km the park has large bio diversity. Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the popular National Park for Bengal tigers in the world. The park also has a various species of deer and the large breeding population of leopard.

Best Time to Visit:  Mid October and June and March to May is the perfect time.

 3. Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan


Ranthambore National Park is one of the best National Park in northern part of India. The park is spread over the 392 square km land of southern Rajasthan. This national park is located at Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan, which is 130 km away from Jaipur. There is also the Mansingh Sanctary and the Kaila Devi Sanctuary near the Ranthambore National Park. Ranthambore National Park is a home to Royal Predators and the main attraction of this park is Tigers. The best timing for tiger sightings at this park is November and May. Other major wild animal of Ranthambore National Park included leopard, wild boar, nilgai, sambar, sloth bear, hyena, southern plains gray langur, macaque, rhesus and chital. The park is also a home of trees, birds, reptiles and the largest banyan trees in India.

Best Time to Visit:  October to June, ideal time to sight tigers is March – May.

4. Kaziranga National Park, Assam


Kaziranga National Park is placed in the Golaghat and Nagaon district of the state of Assam. It is one of the world heritage sites for horned rhinoceroses. Spread over the 429.69 square kilometres the park is established in March 2015. There are 2,401 rhinoceroses in Kaziranga National Park, which comprise 1,651 adult rhinos, 294 sub-adults, 251 juveniles and 205 cubs. The national park is a home to tigers, elephant, wild water buffalo and swamp deer. It is also recognize as largest bird area by BirdLife International. Kaziranga National Park has a verity of tall elephant grass, marshlang and tropical moist broadleaf forest crossed by four major rivers.

Best Time to Visit: November to April.

5. Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh


Kanha National Park is the biggest national park of Madhya Pardesh and tiger reserve in India. The National Park was established on 1 June 1955 and in 1973 was made the Kanha Tiger Reserve.  Kanha National Park is also the inspiration of Rudyard Kipling for his popular novel “The Jungle Book”. Spread over the 940 km area the park is divided into two sanctuaries Hallon and Banjar of 250 and 300 km. The park has a diverse population of Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopards, Barasingha, Sloth Bear and Indian Wild Dog. It has also a verity of rich flora including lush Saal and Bamboo forest, Riverin and grassy meadows.

Best Time to Visit:  Mid October to June and March to May for sighting the royal cats.

6. Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh


Satpura National Park is situated in Madhya Pradesh with an area of 524 km land. The park has a rich diversity of fauna including leopard, chital, sambar, nilgai, Indian muntjac, four-horned antelope, wild boar, chinkara, black buck, bear, fox, porcupine, mouse deer, Indian giant squirrel and flying squirrel. The flora covers of mainly sal, tendu, teak, mahua, bel, bamboo and Phyllanthus emblica.

Best Time to Visit: October to April.

7. Gir Natinal Park, Gujrat


The most sparking jewel of Gujrat’s treasure trunk, The Gir Forest National is established in 1965. The park is located 43 km north-east of Somnath, 60 km south-west of Amreli and 65 km south-east of Junagadh with an area of 1, 412 km. Gir National Prk is consider as most protected area in Asia and It is only a home to Asiatic lions. Along with the Asiatic Lions, the park has a verity of 32 species of mammals, 300 of birds and 26 of reptiles.

Best Time to Visit: October to May end

8. Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra


Spread over the 625.4 square kilometres Tadoba National Park is one of the largest national parks in Maharashtra. Found in 1955 the Tadoba National Park is the perfect location to enjoy wildlife safari holiday in India. The park is located near the beautiful lake, which is the major attraction of this park. Tadoba national park is a home to mammals, reptiles and birds. Mammals are including: Indian leopard, gaur, nilgai, sloth bears, striped hyena, small Indian cive, sambar, jungle cats barking deer, chausingha and chital. Tadoba Lake sustains the marsh crocodile which were once common all over Maharashtra. The park has also some popular flora, which including ain, bija, dhauda, hald, salai, semal, tendu, behead, hirda, karaya gum, mahua, madhuca and Lannea coromandelica.

Best Time to Visit: October to June, the best time to spot tigers is March, April and May.

9. Sunderban National Park, West Bangal


The Sundarban National Park is one of the largest tiger reserve for the Bengal Tiger. It was established on 4 May 1984 as National Park and declared as tiger Reserve in 1973 and a wildlife sanctuary in 1977. This is only the region where you can see the tiger swimming in the water. The park is also habitude of reptile, birds and invertebrate species including the salt-water crocodile.

Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year; however, but the best timing for tiger sighting is October to April.

10. Pench Natinal Park, Madhya Pradesh


Pench National Park is situated in the Seoni and Chinndwara district of India. It was established in 1977 but elevated as National Park in 1983. The Pench National Park consist 758 km area, out of which 299 km cover a core and remaining 464 km cover the buffer zone. The protected area of this park is covered with hills and the mix forest. The major attraction of Pench National Park is Bengal Tiger. There are around 40 tigers, 39 species of mammals, 3 species of amphibians and 13 species of reptile. It is also a hom to sambar, chital, nilgai, jackalwild pig, Indian leopard, wild dog, sloth bear, porcupine, jungle cat, monkey, striped hyena, fox, barking deer and gaur live in the park.

Best Time to Visit: Mid October to June, and the best time to see tigers is March to May.


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