River Rafting In Rishikesh Has Closed Reopen Mid of September

If you love water sports and planning for Rishikesh tour then postpone your dates now due closing of Rafting and Camping. Yes, River Rafting in Rishikesh has closed today due to heavy rain. Every year rafting and river side camping closed after month of Jun and reopen mid of September.



Mr. Mahiraj Singh CEO of Majestic Journey said that-  “White Water River Rafting is not possible during rainy season July to September due to heavy rain and the flow of water is not safe. Tourist can visit- pilgrimages, hill station, trekking and all which are safe on mansoon. There is one option for camping is Dhaunalti. Adventure lover can enjoy Dhaunalti camping also.“

Every year thousands of adventure lovers came to Rishikesh and enjoy adventure sports. Rafting is the best water sports loved by every tourist.

Don’t Worry It Will Reopen Mid Of September

Wait for some time to hit rapids on the Ganga River. We come back soon with new excitement and new adventure sports in Rishikesh. Best time for Rafting on Ganga River is October to May because the water level is perfect and safe for every age of adventure lover (not below 12 year child). October to mid Of December is also time when the temperature is perfect to planning for trekking. During this period you can enjoy Dhaunalti camping also.

Adventure Activities in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is one of the best and very popular pilgrimages for the Hindus, but from some year it’s also known as Adventure city also. Rishikesh is the best place for adventure like- Rafting, Camping, Trekking, Rock climbing and Repelling, Bungee Jumping and more.


5 Best Place to Visit in Uttarakhand State

Uttarakhand state is full of unspoiled natural beauty, covered by Himalayan mountain ranges. It is rich in dense forest, Snow Mountain peak, many glaciers, rivers and nature resource water.

Thousands of travels came here to enjoy adventure, wildlife and nature more, each and every year. There are many destinations for visiting like- Numbers of Hills station, Nationals Parks, Adventure cities, Wildlife areas and more. We are describing here only top 5 destinations in Uttarakhand state.



Rishikesh is well known destinations for yoga; one can say it is birth place of yoga. But now days it is also known as Adventure city as well. This town is situated on the banks of the Ganges River, surrounded by hills on three sides, not far from Hardwar in Uttarakhand. There are numbers of temples, ashrams, and yoga institutes.

If you are Adventure lover and nature lover then, Rishikesh is waiting for you. Rafting with camping is one of the best adventure sports in this area. If you are looking coming weekends any adventure then it’s sure you will come this.

There are some camping sits which is provides this opportunity like- Camp Majestic in Byasi. Having 16 luxury camps and offers- Rafting, Camping, trekking and camp in-door and outdoor games.

Adventure sports to do- Camping (Beach and Luxury), Rafting, Trekking, Body surfing, Kayaking, Bungee Jumping, Rock Climbing and many more games.

Jim Corbett National Park-Tiger at Corbett Park

Corbett National Park is one of the oldest parks, established in 1936. It is covered approximately 520 quire kilometres. This park rich in species of plants (488), Wide Varity of wildlife life like- Tiger, elephants, Deer, chital,  King cobra,  wild boar, around 600 birds species and many more.

Please Note– it is always advisable book your safari and Stay point (resort) before tour date.

There are 4 most wanted safari zone- Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirana and Durga Devi. This Diwali and coming weekends you can gift your family this wildlife adventure tour. One of the best Bijrani zone open yesterday so you have option to choose 3 zones now. Dhikala will re-open after 15th November.



One of the best Honeymoon Destination in Uttarakhand state, well know as Lake City.
Nainital is located at 1938mtr above the sea level and surrounded by green hills and around the Naini Lake. There are some most hot points visitors never miss them-

  • Naini Lake
  • Eco Cave Gardens
  • Naina Peak
  • Thandi Sadak
  • Nainital Zoo
  • Himalayan View Point
  • Snow View
  • Horse Riding
  • Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary
  • Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Lands’ End
  • Tiffin Top

If you are nature, wildlife lovers and palling for Honeymoon Nainital is best destination for you. There is a famous local market called bhotiya market enjoy shopping there.

Mostly people wants to visit Nainital in November to February and April to July, i mean summer and winter season. Winter season invites you to enjoy snowfall or snow sports here and summer is takes you lay of nature. Nainital is one of the best destination in Summer season for visitors in India.



Mussoorie is located at a distance of 35 kms from Dehradun. It is a wonderful hill station in uttarakhand state, height of 2005mts, situated at the foothills of the Himalayas and well know as the queen of hills in uttarakhand.

Thousands of tourists visit every year in Mussoorie, offer najestic view of Shivalik range in Dun valley. There are some hot destinations in Mussoorie visitor can’t miss every-

  • Kempty falls
  • Bhatta falls
  • Jharipani fall
  • Childer’s lodge mussoorie
  • Mossy fall
  • Lake mist
  • Gun hill
  • Camel s back road
  • Mussoorie christ church


Ranikhet –ranikhet

This is another wonderful honeymoon hill station in uttarakhand state, at an altitude of 1829mtr, alos known as Queens of Hills. If you are looking hill station with wildlife Ranikhet is perfect for you or become dream destinations. There are some awesome places you can visit when you are here-

  • Jhula Devi Temple
  • Chaubatia Orchard
  • Nanda Devi Mela
  • Upat and Kalika
  • Mankameshwar Temple
  • Haidakhan Babaji Temple
  • Image Credits draskd

Lovely 2 Cubs with their family in Bijrani Zone- Corbett National park Unbelievable

Good news for all wildlife lovers, watching a family of tigers first day first safari in Bijrani zone. lovely 2 cubs with their family.Tiger

The Supreme Court allowed for tourism activities in tiger reserves areas, Corbett National Park (CNP) administration on Wednesday decided to re-open its famous Bijrani Zone for all wildlife lovers.
This is wildlife Zones along with other Zones like Dhikala and Jhirna which were (Dhikala) officially re-open after 15 November 2014, (closed due to rain). On Wednesday, around 250 wildlife lovers undertook the safari. Only 25-30 jeeps are allowed to conduct tours in one shift a day (60 jeeps in two shifts).

Having limited day trip in Bijrani zone. Jim Corbett National Park is spread across 521 sq km in Nainital, (Ramnagar) and Pauri districts, is home to Bengal tiger (is the major draw of the park) , 50 species of mammals, 580 bird species, 110 tree species, and 25 reptile species. Jim Corbett Park has been divided into four wildlife safari zones namely- Bijrani, Dhikala Zone, Jhirna Zone and Durga Devi.tigers

“It’s awesome to meet king of Jungle along with first day first safari in Corbett. they really awesome and cute cubs with her mom. Previously we have seen a lot of animals in many parks and  zoo, but this is the first time we will see them in the open area on corbett national park. So, we are really very excited. For the first time we have come to the Corbett and we are enjoying a lot,” said – Arjun Singh, a tourist”.

Every year thousand of tourist visit corbett park enjoy there wildlife, Nature and adventure. hopefully these cubs attracts numbers of tourist in Bijrani zone.

sorry to say we have no real images of these family. this images take from Google.

That’s Why Rishikesh City Famous For Camping And Rafting.

Rishikesh city is a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful scenery of Uttarakhand. Rishikesh is also much popular among Hindus because of many Hindu pilgrimages in the city. The free flowing rivers holy Ganga and the high mountains the Himalaya form the major attraction of this place. So you get two-in-one benefit on visiting the city means that killing two birds with one stone.

Camping with River Rafting is one of the most popular sports of Rishikesh because of several free flowing rivers Ganga falling from high Himalayan altitudes. Ganga River makes the wonderful 5 grade rapids on the way of Rishikesh. Camping and rafting is wonderful combination of a beautiful environment will relax your body and soul to give a heavenly experience in holy place. In fact river rafting is so popular in Rishikesh that your trip is not complete unless you have tasted the river.Image

Rishikesh city offers 3 types of camping in different location in Rishikesh like- beach camp, jungle camp and luxury camp.

Beach Camps: beach camps are also located near rivers or bank of river. Beach camping provides a beautiful evening Ganga view to the visitors in Rishikesh city. Beach camps are usually used for body surfing, kayaking, cliff jumping, river rafting and trekking activities.



Jungle Camps: Jungle camping has tented space on twin sharing basis in the mid of jungle. These camps may locate inside forests and far from the river side. Jungle camp provides bonfire and camp fire in the evening at the camps site. These camps are usually used for trekking, rock climbing and rappelling and many more. 


Luxury camps- Luxury camping has tented space on twin sharing basis in the mid of jungle. These camps may locate inside forests and far from the river side (a far from 1 to 2kms). Luxury camping provides running water toilets, light in the tent or backup also, dr. on call, bonfire and camp fire in the evening at the camps site. These camps are usually used for team building activity like river rafting, and others sports also trekking, rock climbing and rappelling, kayaking and many more. 



The River Ganga offers the 5+ grade rapids. There are some famous rafting points in Rishikesh city like- Shivpuri rafting point, Brahmpuri, Marine drive and Kaudiyala. Shivpuri offers the 16kms rafting and 2 grade rapids on the way. Brahmpuri is offers the 12kms rafting and 3 grade rapids, Marine drive- 24kms rafting, 3 to 4+ grade rapids and last one Kaudiyala- 32kms, 5+ grade rapids in Rishikesh.


All rapids are deepened on the way of water and the level of water on the Ganga River. There are some names of rapids like- T-off, Sweet Sixteen, Cross Fire, Three Blind Mice (Grade-3), Roller Coaster (Grade-4) and Golf Course (Grade-4), The Wall, Daniel’s Dip, T-Off, Black Money.


Rishikesh offers rafting, camping, bungee jumping, trekking, Rock climbing, repelling, body surfing, kayaking, paint ball, cliff jumping, river crossing and many more adventure activity.


You Never Feel Like This- Luxury Camping with Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

We reached Bungee Jumping point in Rishikesh an hour late. After some formalities in their office, we all friends moved to Bungee Jumping platform but in peak point only two people can stand only then rohit my friend want to there and we all wait for our turn. He was ready for jump and my heart beat was running fast even I was excited for jump but………!!. Before jumping, guide cross checked all the locks 2 times each and then he asked to move slowly towards the edge of jumping platform.Bungee jumping

That time I forget everything and I just look at rohit face and he also look at me. Before jumping he murmuring to me but I was not hear that voice we are in distance. He close his eyes and jumped woooooooo…..he open his both hand and fly in the sky or just look that, hold on a rope…believe me he looked like crocked when he jumped but after a half mnt. He is enjoying it. His hand looks like a wings and he fly in the sky.

Now, my turn to jump and enjoy the bungee jumping. I was in platform of jumping and that was the time when I realized about what I am appropriating today. I was excited but somewhere or else I was afraid. Guides checked my lock 3 times and ask to move edge of jumping point.

I forget everything when I sow height of jumping 83mtr. Ooo my god it a big challenge for me really but I want to enjoy and it was a part of our plan. So finally I jumped and fly, when I was falling down I think it’s my last time but suddenly I stopped fall down 2ft from river and I am like owl because I was tied/hold by rope.    I really enjoy bungee jumping in Rishikesh it was my first and last experience of jumping in Rishikesh after that we never went there may this summer we plan for that adventure. After bungee jumping we return to our Luxury camp in Byasi (Rishikesh).Luxury Camp Majestic

Camping fun also a great fun near the camp site we stay in Luxury Jungle Camping “Camp Majestic”. First day after lunch we also enjoy river rafting from Marin drive 24kms also.  It was really amazing trip. Bungee jumping experience was really wonderful if you like for bungee jumping funs just try it and share your experience. It was really superb Experience with Majestic Team. We all thanks to Majestic Team to make such a great tour.

Top 5 Camping places In Uttarakhand

Camping is the best ideal way of exploring the region diversity and unity of Uttarakhand. Camping is an opportunity to relax your mundane life of daily routine. Uttarakhand is indeed blessed with a lot of amazing undiscovered regions that need exploring. Camping in Uttarakhand is the best outdoor leisure activities for every age group of people in any destination of camping. Let see the top 5 Camping destinations in Uttarakhand.

1- Camping in RishikeshDSCN4850

Rishikesh city is located at foothills of Himalaya in Uttarakhand state. Rishikesh is famous for  camping and rafting on river Ganga, and offers not only luxurious camping but also all adventure option near the city such as- Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Rock climbing, Trekking and many more. These adventure activities are beauty of Rishikesh city people from all over the world.  Rishikesh offers three types camping near the city- Beach camp, Jungle camp and Luxury camp. Famous Camping points in Rishikesh are – Shivpuri, Marine drive, Byasi and Kaudiyala.

2 – Camping in Dhanaulti

This place is ideal for camping in summer for any age of people, to get relax from the hot sun. it is situated at a height of 2287 mtr from sea level, hill station in the garhwal district. The most visit time in Dhanaulti is March to June and again to visit in winters, November to February, making these months the best memory in your beautiful life.

3- Camping in Choptachopta

Chopta is known as a point of a trek to Tunganath Temple (highest temple of Lord Shiva) and further to Chandrashilla, located at an altitude of 2600 m in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Chopta Camping offers wonderful view of snow, birds watching, trekking and many more. Camping are normally made by safari tents and offers the best quality food and good services at the jungle camping and one can say this place ideal for trekking.

4- Camping in Pangot

Pangot is small pictorial village to refresh for those, who are looking for some serenity. Pangot is located 15 kms from Nainital hill station, simply reached by 30mit from Nainital. Camping in Pagot offers the best of the best services. Pangot camping also offers- bird watching, mountain biking, trekking and many more adventure activity. Best time for camping in Pangot is March to July.

5- Camping in kanatalDSCN6867

If anyone is looking for an adventurous outing fun or to close nature so Kanatal camping is waiting for you.  Kanatal is situated close to the bustling hill station of Mussourie (Dehradun).  Kanatal camping offers trekking, rock climbing, repelling and many more adventure sports. Kanatal camping offers mundane facility in luxury camping and best food quality, need/cline beds, good services and many more.

Lunched New Web Site for Rishikesh Rafting and Camping Packages

Rafting in Rishikesh

Hi, now don’t worry your holiday tour in rishikesh. It’s good news for all adventure sports and wildlife seeker because we are launching a new web site- http://riverraftingatrishikesh.in/.

Majestic journey has launched adventure and wildlife site for all nature lovers who wants create some unforgettable holydays movements in Rishikesh with adventure.

Mr. Mahiraj Singh, CEO of Majestic Journey said that Welcome to our Adventure and Wildlife web site portal. Having new adventure and wildlife tour packages, new photo gallery and new stylish features include an interactive map of root with our location. One can check a live weather update and current travel update. Now it easy to book your holiday packages due to Query form, send massages, e-mails and more function.

He also added to their speech- “The awesome landscape of Rishikesh city offers all Adventure and Wildlife safaris at rajaji national park or Corbett. It’s won your choice to choose your best holyday packages to Just click and get your own budget tour packages for Rishikesh.

Don’t miss your adventure tour if you are adventure and wildlife lovers. You can get all kind of info and packages of – Rafting, Camping, Trekking wildlife safaris and many more from our new website portal- http://riverraftingatrishikesh.in/.

It’s first time to book online your adventure and wildlife tour with your own choice and many more on our portal. You can get other tour and travel packages like Jim Corbett National park, Uttarakhand hill station, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand tourism, char dham yatra and many more.

Visit the new adventure web site for your packages http://riverraftingatrishikesh.in/rishikesh-rafting-packages.html and why not give us your feedback on the new website by posting a comment on our Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.

“Celebrate Christmas and New Year/ 31st with Adventure and Wildlife”-Rishikesh New Year Packages

Time Duration- 2Night/3Days

Location- Camp Majestic- Byasi (100mtr) from road Badrinath highway, Rishikesh city.

Camp Majestic- Accommodation and facilities

It is surrounded with tranquil environment and covered by deep Sal forest. Camp Majestic offers a serenely crisp natural breeze and a luxury camping accommodation at Rishikesh.

This luxury camp offers you luxurious services in mid of the jungle. Camp services are- luxuries Swiss tents with carpeted floor, attached bathroom, hand held shower, wash basin, running water is continuously available, coffee table, DJ Night and Camp fire with music.Luxury Camp Majestic

Event of Camp majestic-

Day 01:

Activity- Arrive Camp Majestic; Enjoy Beach Activities, Campfire and Camping.

30-Oct. Morning/Afternoon arrive at Luxury Jungle Camp Majestic. We will receive you, welcome drink on arrival. Take rest/fresh- having hot lunch at the dining area in buffet system.

Now ready for enjoy beach activity- bodysurfing, swimming, kayaking etc. We provides evening Tea/coffee/cookies inside the beach. Return at camp site and relaxes you a lot. After darkness Campfire, with light music gives you rhythmic enjoyment and dinner will be ready at dining area. Have the delicious dinner buffet system. Stay on the Luxury camp.

Day 02:   

Activity- Water fall Trekking, Enjoy River Rafting, Activities and DJ Party at NightRafting in Rishikesh

31st-Oct. Morning bed tea/coffee and hot breakfast gear up for adventure activity- Rafting. Now get ready to show your strength on the Ganga River.  At the rafting point our guide will brief you properly about the river rafting commands and safety commands. During rafting you will hit very enjoyable rapids like – Black Money, Three Blind Mice, Crossfire, Welcome Shivpuri, Return to Sender, Roller Coaster, Golf Course, Clubhouse, Initiation, Body Surfing, Double Truble etc. In between rafting we have “cliff jumping point” from a rock its height is approx (28 feet) to jump into the river. Adventure founded persons can do it.

Return back to camp side, having hot lunch at the dining area and take rest. Evening tea/coffee and cookies, one can enjoy “camp game” also.

Celebrate New Year/31stDJ Night

Get “Surprises Gifts” on 1st January and return to home.   

Tour Packages- 11,500 per couple.

Massages/Call on- +91- 9540862003, 9540712002

Phone: +91- 011- 41419905

Email: sales@campmajestic.com, campmajestic@gmail.com

Way to reach Camp Majestic, Transport-

Delhi to Rishikesh – 235kms.

Delhi – Modinagar – Meerut bypass – Khatuli bypass – Muzaffarnagar – Rookie – Haridwar – Rishikesh.

Rishikesh to Byasi – 31kms.

Rishikesh – Laxmanjhula – Brahmpuri – Shivpuri – Marine Drive – “Camp Majestic” – Byasi.

Duration – 2Night/3Days

Check in – 30th Dec 2013

Check out- 01st Jan 2014

Package price: Rs. 11,500/-

Package Inclusions:

  • Well appointed luxury Rooms with Personal floor.
  • Welcome Drink on Arrival (Non Alcoholic)
  • 2 breakfast, 2 lunches & 2 dinners per person
  • Morning & evening tea
  • Unlimited snacks & soft drinks on 31st Dec evening
  • Cake Ceremony on 31st Dec
  • Adventure Activity – River Rafting, Camping, Rock Climbing, Rappelling etc.
  • Guided for water fall trek & Rafting.
  • Evening bonfire with light music
  • Outdoor & Indoor Games like Badminton, Soft ball Cricket etc.
  • All applicable taxes

Visit – http://campmajestic.com/new-year-celebration-in-rishikesh.html

Jim Corbett’s Jhirna Zone to Reopen Today

Good time for wildlife and nature lovers, Jim Corbett National Park  administration on Friday(20 Sep) decided to re-open its famous Jhirna Wildlife Zone for tourists beginning Saturday.

Mahiraj Singh, CEO of Majestic Tour India, here said that it is the best season for visit at Corbett, those who are interested to explorer wildlife of the park can enjoy Jeep safari at Jhirna wildlife zone.

Majestic Journey Pvt. Ltd provides various adventure tour packages,Resort stay, Jeep, Elephant  and canter safari at Corbett in http://corbettparkonline.com to the visitors.

About Corbett National Park:

Jim Corbett National Park is the worlds largest tiger populated reserve,with over 1,300 sq kms of forests. It is truly a perfect place for the people who are true lovers of wildlife and nature. A paradise for animal lovers, the park is enveloped with riches of amazing structures of hills and grasslands and various flora and fauna. It is situated in Ramnagar 40 kms from Nainital in Uttarakhand. It’s far from 300km to Delhi. it was names Jim Corbett National Park in order to pay tribute to the famous naturalist and hunter Jim Corbett. The flora and fauna in Jim Corbett is the biggest highlight of this national park. The park is famous for his perfect habitat for the tiger, elephant, hog deer and 600 odd species of birds out of the total 1220 species found in the world makes it a perfect destination for bird–watchers. This is the perfect viewing forest with open gypsy and Elephant safari and is one of the must visit destinations in India.

About Majestic Tour India

Majestic Tour India is a leading Delhi based tour operator Company. The company is specialized in providing tour packages to all over India. And all online information about Jim CorbettPackages and accommodation  in Jim Corbett national park.

Majestic Tour India

Address: L2/48, Second Floor,New Mahavir Nagar

State: New Delhi

Country: India

Phone: 09958173003, 09313512002

Email: corbett@majestictourindia.com


Luxury Jungle Camp Majestic Reopen 20 September 2013- This Season With luxury in Rishikesh

Camp Majestic is one of the best luxury jungle camp in Rishikesh city, has announced a special Offers and heavy discounts on tour packages to make your unforgettable holydays with your Friends, Family and an Organization member/group in Rishikesh.

This is good news for every adventure and wildlife lover Camp Majestic reopen from 20 September 2013. Camp Majestic is located in Byasi and covered by deep Sal forest in Badrinath highway. The camp is away from the hues and cries of the outside the world. Camp proves the best magnificent place where you can feel at ease with yourself, to touch with nature and at the same time experience some of the true beauties of nature.

So why to choose Camp Majestic from amongst the rest? Well, simply owing to its magnanimity, hospitality and an eye for precision. This luxury camp of Rishikesh is equipped with all modern amenities like luxuries Swiss tents with carpeted floor, running water available, attached bathroom, wash basin, tea and coffee table and at evening bonfire with music and many more.

Honor of Camp Majestic Mr. Mahiraj Singh sad that – “Welcome to Luxury Jungle Camp Majestic. We always try to provide the best of best luxurious facilities with modern and contemporary amenities in camping site. This Special Season Camp Majestic offers all luxurious adventure with luxury facility in camp like- River Rafting, Trekking, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Flying fox, Burma Bridge and many more.

He too be continue to add in their words- “Camp Majestic will offers some special in weekend of every month and special holidays so touch with us on our portal. We also add some adventure this season for an organization like- Team Building and motivational activity with indoor and outdoor.

He adds some words also-We also welcome to our Camp Majestic web portal to visit us and feel the difference yourself. It helps to find the right information about the camp Majestic, Adventure news and many more. We always update our portal and make it easy or friendly you can see map of root till the camps site, images gallery and many more. All info in web site one can contact us will Call, E-mail and Massage. Choose your tour and keep in touch with us.

Visit our web site http://campmajestic.com/ and why not give us your feedback on the Face book, twitter, Google+ and Linked in.

 Majestic Tour India

L2/48, Second Floor

New Mahavir Nager

 New Delhi


Phone: 09958173003,